Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two Scenes

[Scene 1: Thursday night-- interior of small condo. A couple prepares dinner together.]
M: So, I've noticed that you've been dressing up for work lately.
J: What do you mean?
M: Well, for example, you're wearing a belt and a button-up shirt today. You work at home.
J: Yeah, well, I just feel like I get more done when I get ready in the morning.
M: OK, that makes sense.

[Scene 2: Friday morning-- interior of small condo. MITSI walks into the living room, preparing to leave for the day. JOSH sits in his office chair, working at the computer. He is wearing only boxer shorts.]
M: Hmm. Casual Friday?

1 comment:

Henry said...

now see, in the real world this wouldn't be a problem if there was such thing as "no pants friday" at work.