Wednesday, April 08, 2009

We bought a house!

As you may know, J & I will be moving this spring to Bryan/College Station for his job (which I have felt for some time to be the complete antithesis of Austin). We've been looking for a place to live, and were very anti-house buying until fairly recently. We went down on Monday because J had meetings, and I went around with our fabulous realtors looking at houses. Houses in our price range do NOT stay on the market for long in BCS (which will be a good thing when we're ready to move)... the only other house that had made the cut to go back to see was in contract 6 hours after I saw it (and after only 3 days on the market).

We made an offer on the house pictured below, which was just put on the market on Monday. We got the call on Tuesday morning that the buyers had agreed, and so we'll close on May 15. Crazy!

Check out our cute place by following the link below.

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