Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wedding planning, made easy.

I can see how people go crazy and turn into Bride-zillas with all the planning and decision-making involved in the production of a wedding. Especially when one is trying to make all the "stakeholders" feel as though they're having their fair say in things. Thus far, most of our stakeholders have done a really good job of restraining themselves when I'm sure they'd love to jump in and plan the whole thing, and I appreciate that. There have been a handful of minor-ly stressful moments (mostly attributable to lack of sleep and/or overwhelmed-ness with other facets of life), but all in all, the planning is going, well, really well.

I got my dress (which is sort of hilarious, as I bought it without being positive about the size or the design... it fits perfectly and is so beautiful that I can't imagine a more perfect dress for me). That took... oh, about a week.

We booked the venue (one we found on the very first day of looking at venues, after deciding neither of us was really willing to convert to Catholicism in order to get married at Dubina). Granted, we booked it more than a month after we found it (we found it a couple of weeks before we were "technically" engaged), but anyway, that was pretty easy.

Actually, finding Josh turned out to be pretty easy, too. It seems crazy, and at our first pre-marital counseling session, our counselor (Jammin' Judy) even said, "So, realistically, how do you think it sounds when you tell me you've only known each other since April and now you're getting married?" Yeah, yeah, Judy; it sounds ridiculous. But like I've said before, I just "knew." Josh says he knew on date #2 (which, incidentally, was at Dubina, thus the desire to have the wedding there). In a recent de-briefing with Jenny, I said, "Jenny, we haven't even talked about what you think about Josh since you met him!" to which she replied, "Friend, we don't even have to. Of course he's great! I knew you were going to marry him after your first date!"

So, yeah, so this whole wedding/marriage/life-partner/teammate thing, well, so far, so good. :)

(PS- I have a beautiful new niece who is pretty much the cutest little snuggle bug of all time. Lexi-lou [actually, it's Lexi Suzanne] was born on 7-16 and she and momma are doing quite well, thank you very much.)

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Melanie said...

you are not the only person who calls the babe Lexi-lou. apparently it rolls off the tongue quite well, as i've even caught myself saying it.
we are ready for you to come visit again!